Campaign Finalists

Over the years, we have received over 200 submissions from civil society around the world, including from Colombia, Nepal, Zambia, Central African Republic, UK, Brazil, El Salvador and Lebanon. Check out some of the finalists from past years below.

2022 Finalists:

Finalist Compilation Video


Rotary International

Open Government Partnership

Voz di Paz

World Vision

Update from Voices Alumnus: Nagarik Aawaz

2021 Finalists:

Finalist Compilation Video

Afghans for Progressive Thinking APT

International Legal Foundation

Free Press Unlimited

WAA Cameroon's

2020 Finalists:

International Legal Foundation

Justice Call

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

CECORE (Center for Conflict Resolution)

Youth Without Borders Organization for Development

2019 Finalists

The Kesho Alliance

Kesho Alliance is a non-profit that advocates for quality education in Garissa, Kenya.

Women in Alternative Action

Women in Alternative Action (WAA) Cameroon is a NGO working to promote human rights and peace in the Central African region.

Afghans for Progressive Thinking

Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT) is the largest youth-led national organization that works towards a just, peaceful, and inclusive society in Afghanistan.

Women's Justice Initiative

Women’s Justice Initiative (WJI) improves the lives of indigenous Guatemalan women and girls through education, access to legal services, and gender-based violence prevention.

Global Sunrise Project

The Global Sunrise Project is a social enterprise which creates positive impact media.

Youth Without Borders

Youth Without Borders in Yemen works on developing and enhancing the role of youth in general life to bring about a positive change for their future and for the country as a whole.

Center for Policy Analysis

The Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) think tank was established in 2014 to help the countries of the Horn of Africa region to build peace, democracy, human rights and effective governance systems. CPA is the first think tank in Somaliland.

Center for Peace Education Miriam College

The Center for Peace Education (CPE) is an advocacy center of Miriam College in Quezon City, Philippines. CPE’s mission is to promote a culture of peace based on the values of human dignity and the active rejection of violence in all its forms.

CCSCSD Nigeria

Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (CSCSD) Nigeria is a network of almost 2000 non-governmental organizations, community and faith-based organizations, and professional associations based in Nigeria.

Nagarik Aawaz

Nagarik Aawaz (NA) is a peacebuilding organization which believes in bringing everyday peace through the lens of care, by contributing to the energy of women and youth and helping people live with dignity and justice. 

Chai Ki Dukaan

Chai Ki Dukaan is a digital peacebuilding public space for socializing between India and Pakistan. Co-founded in 2019, by two friends Ramsha Baluch and Rudrani Dasgupta from Karachi and Kolkata respectively.

Alternative to Violence Project Uganda

AVP is a grassroots peacebuilding organisation with the fundamental objectives of affirmation, cooperation, communication, conflict resolution and community building.


The Global Network of Women Peacebuilders’ (GNWP) Young Women+ for Peace and Leadership (YW+PL) Program enhances the leadership potential and peacebuilding skills of young women in conflict-affected environments and humanitarian situations.