About the Campaign

Around the world, the 2030 Agenda has helped catalyze and support a wide range of innovative, grassroots-led work around SDG16+ with a variety of civil society actors. While the actions and commitments of civil society at the national level are often overlooked in global-level discussions, the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) provides a unique opportunity to bring civil society from a wide range of contexts together to showcase best practices and innovative initiatives supporting SDG16+ implementation, and a chance to explore opportunities for further civil society collaboration at all levels around SDG16+ going forward.

An agenda that promises to ‘leave no-one behind,’ needs to be inclusive of all voices, particularly those working at the national or local levels. With growing momentum to mobilize actions and commitments to achieve peaceful, just and inclusive societies, particularly amongst civil society actors, the HLPF presents to showcase national and local-level work to implement SDG16+ that must be seized.

What is "Voices of SDG16+"?

Voices of SDG16+: Stories of Global Action is a collaborative campaign to bring the work of civil society on SDG16+ to the global level of discussions at the United Nations. Individuals and partners from around the world will have the opportunity to submit short videos telling their “stories” of best practices and extraordinary efforts being undertaken towards SDG16+ at the national and local levels. Some individuals will be sponsored to attend the HLPF in person and share their work with the UN community and policymakers. The campaign intends to provide a unique and dynamic opportunity for an interactive dialogue between civil society partners working to take forward SDG16+ in their own national contexts around the world, and to showcase their stories – featuring both challenges and successes – and their concrete commitments to advancing SDG16+.

Stories will showcase examples of how SDG16+ is being implemented and is helping to positively impact people’s lives. Stories will be featured on a dedicated web platform and be promoted widely via social media, as well as at the event and elsewhere during the 2022 HLPF.

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It is intended that Voices of SDG16+: Stories of Global Action is a collaborative campaign for organizations that wish to showcase examples of innovative SDG16+ implementation work.

For more information about becoming a campaign partner, please contact the Voices of SDG16+ Campaign at info@voicesofsdg16plus.org.