Share Your Stories - 2023 Voices of SDG16+ Video Campaign

Theme: “Accelerating Action on SDG16+ to support implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”


In the past year, the urgency of achieving SDG16+ in order to build back better from COVID-19 was coupled with the necessity to counter worrying global threats – the invasion of Ukraine, military coups in West-Africa, the rise in authoritarianism, the shrinking of civic space.  A number of these challenges act repressively from making every effort necessary to implement the 2030 Agenda. The progress towards SDG16 is not only slow and uneven anymore, it is backsliding. 

In this context of compounding challenges, the international community needs to harness the transformative power of SDG16 while redirecting efforts toward building back better from the COVID-19. As 2023 marks the point of the mid-term review of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs, the opportunity for UN member states to re-shift their priorities to implement SDG16 is more compelling than ever. It is within this context that we introduce the 2023 Voices campaign to showcase innovative actions and solutions elaborated by local actors that can help to bolster progress. 

Voices of SDG16+: Stories for Global Action – 2023 Campaign

Individuals and partners from around the world are invited to submit short videos (max 3 minutes) telling their “stories” of best practices and extraordinary efforts being undertaken towards SDG16+ at the national and local levels, particularly as communities are attempting to build back better from the COVID-19 crisis and respond to the impact of tectonic geopolitical developments. The 2023 campaign will build on the work done in previous years and new video submissions will be featured via a dedicated website and in context of side-events organised.

The campaign intends to provide a unique and dynamic opportunity for a call for accelerated action and increased awareness on the work of local civil society partners in this domain. The stories solicited for are to feature both challenges and successes in pursuing advancement of the 2030 Agenda at national and local levels – albeit the impact and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic combined with the current geopolitical context. Participants are invited to include concrete commitments for advancing SDG16+, particularly taking into consideration the interlinkages with other SDGs under review this year. 

The Voices of SDG16+ Campaign will also feature updates on the work of finalists showcased during the previous editions of the campaign from 2019 onwards. Their stories will also shed light in the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic and global geopolitical context have impacted the work of these organisations and activists, and the necessary measures undertaken to respond to the challenges and obstacles presented by the ongoing crises. 

Successful stories can be told in English, French, Arabic or Spanish, and should ideally feature both challenges and successes in pursuing advancement of the #2030Agenda at national and subnational levels, and should showcase examples of how SDG16+ is being implemented and is helping to positively impact people’s lives – especially taking into account interlinkages with other SDGs that are being reviewed in this year’s HLPF in New York.

Deadline for submissions: Saturday, 17 June 2023

Please read through the guidelines and selection criteria thoroughly below before submitting your video.



In 2019, a group of organisations joined forces in launching a campaign dedicated to showcase civil society SDG16+ work and to call for global action. Individuals and partner organisations from around the world were invited to submit video stories that were to demonstrate compelling examples of how SDG16+ is being implemented globally and how it is helping to positively impact people’s lives. The Voices of SDG16+: Stories for Global Action campaign was initiated to generate a collection of stories to be used to present best practices from civil society around SDG16+ by enabling peacebuilders across the globe to spread their voices and local experiences and by involving the producers in discussion around practices documented. 

Since the initial launch of the campaign in 2019, yearly campaigns have proved to be a resounding success, as included in the Voices SDG16+ Alumni Booklet. Over the years, selected videos have been showcased during the High-level Political Forum in New York, both during in-person meetings and through official online side events. Through this, the campaign provided an opportunity to showcase best practices and insert localised experiences into policy discussions at the HLPF. 

Building on the success of previous campaigns we are now pleased to announce the 2023 Voices of SDG16+ Campaign! In the context of the 2023 United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development which takes place in July 2023. This fifth edition of the Voices of SDG16+ campaign will be centred around the theme “Accelerating Action on SDG16+ to support implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.  This year’s 5th campaign anniversary will provide space to showcase the crucial work done by local actors in implementing SDG16 – entries are also called for that shed light on the interlinkages with the SDGs under review at HLPF2023. Given this year’s midpoint review of the 2030 Agenda we are also inviting entries that include this review element in their entry.

The 2023 Voices of SDG16+ campaign is supported by the following partner organisations: Peace Direct, TAP Network, CIVICUS. Alliance for Peacebuilding, Accountability Lab, GPPAC, Pathfinders, Namati and CSPPS.

The more creative the better!

Entries should demonstrate any innovative and/or inspiring approaches to using SDG16+ in a practical way.

No matter how small our actions may seem to us, when we put them together, these stories can have great power. We want to hear how you are taking part and leading the charge in the global movement working to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

How to Submit

There is no need to use any professional equipment – videos can be shot on any standard smart phone. Entries should also:

  • demonstrate how you have worked to achieve peace, justice, and inclusive institutions through action in your community, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • tell us and show us who is doing the work
  • briefly explain (and if possible show) the context you are working in and challenges you face.
  • demonstrate what is being done to address these challenges, and how Sustainable Development Goal 16+ has helped in overcoming them
  • mention how this action can continue in the future.

Please title video submission as: name of organization_video

2022 Sample Video: Open Government Partnership

Submission and Selection Process and Criteria:

Videos will be selected by the campaign to be featured in our ongoing virtual outreach on behalf of the campaign throughout 2023. Additionally, the top video submissions will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual side-event at the 2023 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, set to be hosted the week of 10 July, 2023.  Other guidelines include:

  • Only entries submitted via the correct platform (see above) will be considered.
  • The video must be no longer than three minutes. Entries that do not adhere to this will not qualify.
  • If it is found that any entrant has knowingly provided false information, the entry will be disqualified.
  • Include a brief written description supporting your video submission. By submitting an entry, you give permission for this information to be shared.

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer:

For more information on limitations and guidelines for this campaign, please be sure to read our full Terms and Conditions document on our website here.